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Wild High Division

Chicago Firefighters - "We are from Chicago"
Tokyo Lift - "Heart and Swole"
Hades Tigers - "Never Look Back"
Breckenridge Jazz Hands - "We've Got Some Winning To Do. Just For You"
Mexico City Wild Wings - "Pase lo que Pase"
Atlantis Georgias - "You Sink, We Swim."

Wild Low Division

Boston Flowers - "Let's Grow!"
LA Unlimited Tacos - "72° and Infinite"
Hellmouth Sunbeams - "Stare into the Sun..."
Houston Spies - "Bang BANG"
Miami Dale - "¡Dale!"
Ohio Worms - "Oh, Worm?"

Mild High Division

Philly Pies - "Pie or Die!"
Dallas Steaks - "Well Done"
San Francisco Lovers - "Let's Go All The Way!"
New York Millenials - "Youth Will Save Us"
Seattle Garages - "Park It!"
Core Mechanics - "We Can Fix This"

Mild Low Division

Yellowstone Magic - "As Above, So Below"
Charleston Shoe Thieves - "Your Kicks Are Our Kicks"
Hawai'i Fridays - "It's Island Time!"
Kansas City Breath Mints - "Fresh Breath, Here We Come"
Canada Moist Talkers - "Talk Spit, Get Hits"
Baltimore Crabs - "Claws Up!"